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Meet Bébé, The Newest Member of Our Family

Bébé Our Phantom PoodleBébé is a phantom poodle.  If you’re like me, I had never heard of a phantom poodle before that day she won my heart!  A phantom poodle is different only in its markings.  Typically black with silver and beige markings.  The beige/brown markings are the same as a Doberman’s markings… Pretty wild when you think about it and also different than any poodle I have had before.   When she joined our family, she was 5 months old and weighed 3 pounds.

It had been a long time since we had a baby in the house and the first time in 30+ years that we actually had a baby to train without the help of an older dog.  I guess I never realized how much help having an older dog can be in the training process, but I learned fast.   This little barrel of energy quickly changed my exercise routine to include stair climbing, a lot of stair climbing.  As she was only partially paper trained at 5 months, I wasn’t taking any chances and immediately wanted to get her house broken.  We have a great yard with secure fencing and lots of room to run and play.   Going up and down the stairs was the first challenge to overcome, as we live in a beach house and the house is one floor up.   Going up came much easier than going down, but with some coaxing and lots of patience, she “got it”.   We have a dog door she has the freedom to come in and out, or so we thought.  In reality she goes in and out of the dog door by herself to go to the deck or downstairs if someone else is going that way.   She is 11 months old now and in five months, we still haven’t figured out a way to convince her that it’s okay to go outside by herself, but on the other hand, the exercise of running up and down the stairs all day is great for me.  We spend a lot of time each day outside running and playing and one day she may decide that it’s okay to run and play outside by herself.  Until that day, I’ll enjoy every second I get to spend outside enjoying the yard with the birds, squirrels, and ducks, and of course Bébé, who is always capable of bringing at the least a smile, but most times many laughs a day while she continually is finding something new to do that never fails to amuse.

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